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About Me

(ps. I need to update this, so its probably not 100% right but this is what I have so far,, also this one has my favorite theme so far I'd like to add.)

Hi! I'm pretty terrible at introductions, but my names Elliot-Casey (or just Elliot), my pronouns are he/it, and I love art, coding, and music. I'm a proud transmasc person and I'm Bi, Asexual, Demiromantic, and poly

likes dislikes hobbies
stuffed animals
night in the woods
graphic novels
canned foods
little kids
digital art
bass & guitar
stinky stinko take a shower
I'm pretty bad at writing, sorry

random facts

I love mlp!
I'm a Leo
I have 4 chickens
I've never had covid
my puppy's name is Floki
I hate potato salad
I have a 4 star ACNH island
I can't swim
I have over 80 stuffed animals
I love sallyface
I also love DnD
I have another dog named Justice

lil' me

pps. this is also out of date I look a little different now, this was made months ago