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[aug. 24. 22.]

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??? I love gross little animals
I'm pretty bad at writing, sorry

random facts

thurs. aug. 18

I started school on monday this week, I have some nice classes but I don't really know anybody in any of them so they get boring. My algebra class is the worst because I sit with a bunch of shitty people and yesterday one of them took a picture of me from out of his pocket which is. fun. /sar I really like my drawing class because theres this dude and he's really sweet and he likes adventure time and the midnight gospel and hes pan and he plays stardew valley so YIPPEE I'm demiromantic so I don't actually really romantically like him but he's very nice.

mon. aug. 22

I saw him at a McDonalds and my friends all like. Stared at him. And now it's awkaward and I don't really like him anymore F

I still think he's cool, I just have issues with this kind of stuff most of the time

I sat with my friend Alex at lunch today because nither of us had people to sit with outside so that was nice to catch up.

tues. aug. 23.

I watched a jacksepticeye playthrough of night in the woods and it's such a good game, I'm gonna watch other people play through it because I think he missed some parts that would explain more stuff but it was still really good and I like it a lot, I really like the journal that Mae kept and the way she just drew little doodles in it instead of writing like pages and pages of stuff each day or each enounter she has, I wanna try and do that.

I've only been in school for like an hour and I wanna go home already :(

I also finished watching the midnight gospel a few days ago, I dunno if I wrote this already but it was nice. Its kinda sad but it's a really good show.

I sat with Lily and Bridgette today for lunch and that was nice. I'm in chemistry class right now and we're gonna do a lab and I'm excited I like doing science-y shit.

weds. aug. 24.

I'm in art class currently and I'm waiting for it to start, it always takes this class a while.
my older brohter is moving to college tomorrow, and I'm gonna miss him. I can still text him and everything but I wanna be able to walk into his room and annoy him. Appriceate your siblings folks.

tues. aug. 30.

I'm in gym class right now again. Whoops I had to put my computer away in gym I am now in english class, I like english class just because my teacher is really nice and theres one person I sit next to every time and it makes things more simple.

thurs. sep. 1.

8:48 - It's september now!!! which is weird it feels like it's still June for me. I'm also in pe again so thats super fun /sar
I've been drawing my friends as my little ponys and it's super fun and it's not done yet but I'll put it here when it is :) Also I'm gonna start putting the times that I'm writing at to separate these because I don't write it all in one go, it slowly gets updated.